Thursday, September 22, 2011


What is FTP?
FTp stands for File Transfer Protocol.It is used for file transfer over TCP based network.

What is SFTP?
SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol.In SFTP files are FTP'ed over SSH networks.SSH stands for Secure SHell.

Major Difference between FTP and SFTP?
1.In FTP, transfer of files across the internet,takes place in plain text.In FTP even the login name and password are sent in plain text.As opposed to this the File tranfer in SFTP takes place with encryption.
2.With SFTP, one can manipulate files remotely apart from transfering whereas FTP allows you to only transfer files.SFTP also allows resuming of interrupted file transfers.
3.FTP allows anonymous access (given the settings for the same) SFTP does not allow this.
4.The encryption in SFTP does cost the speed of the file transfer. (For speed and secure transfer it is better to use SCP-Secure cp or secure copy)

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